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Lecture 1

From C to C++

Kurt NÝrmark
Department of Computer Science, Aalborg University

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Page 1Course IntroductionPage 18Pointers
Page 2The Study RegulationPage 19Arrays and Pointers
Page 3Course LiteraturePage 20Arrays and Pointers: Examples
Page 4Overview of Advanced Programming - Part OnePage 21Structures and Unions
Page 5Overview of Advanced Programming - Part TwoPage 22Structures: Examples
Page 6Recommended use of your timePage 23Function types
Page 7Course Approach - Part 1Page 24User defined types
Page 8Course ExamPage 25Expressions and operators
Page 9Course Features - Part1Page 26Control structures
Page 10Which compiler or IDE?Page 27Functions and parameters
Page 11Where to find C++ documentationPage 28Call-by-reference parameters via pointers
Page 12A quick tour of CPage 29Memory Allocation
Page 13Basic ObservationsPage 30C Program organization
Page 14The Evolution of CPage 31The standard library
Page 15The Popularity of C and C++Page 32C/C++ Compatibility
Page 16The C preprocessorPage 33C/C++ Compatibility
Page 17Fundamental typesPage 34C/C++ Compatibility - some small details

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