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MIDI LAML is for Windows - for instance XP or Win 7.

Background: The work on MIDI LAML started as an exploration of MIDI files. For this purpose, I wrote a MIDI parser and unparser. Because of my work with LAML, I decided to parse MIDI to a Scheme expression, using mirror functions of an XML DTD for MIDI messages. This work has been continued in several dimensions. Most important, perhaps, a comprehensive GNU Emacs MIDI LAML environment has been established.

The MIDI LAML system supports my work with - and fascination of - contemporary, powerful (MIDI) keyboards and synthesizers. Instead of using commercial MIDI sequencers, I edit and transforms my MIDI files in MIDI LAML. This is the driving force behind the work.

MIDI LAML is bundled with LAML version 37. The system is 'work in progress'.

It is not easy to install MIDI LAML, because it depends on quite a few other pieces of software, which you will have to install and configure relative to each other. See the note How to Download and Install MIDI LAML.

May 2011: I have created a pre-configured zip file, 34.9Mb, with LAML 37.20 (full) including MIDI-LAML, MzScheme 209, and the DIV Midi Utiltity. It is easy to install this version of the system if you adhere to a certain organization. Details about this installation.

MIDI LAML Resources:

  1. The paper MIDI Programming in Scheme - Supported by an Emacs environment.
  2. The paper Bites of Lists - mapping and filtering sublists
  3. The MIDI Mirror Function Reference Manual
  4. The MIDI Function Library Reference Manual
Kurt NÝrmark