How to Download and Install MIDI LAML

MIDI LAML can be used on Windows (tested on XP and Win7). The system requires some specific sofware to be present. This software must be connected to LAML by means of specific configurations - see below.

You will need the following to use MIDI LAML:

  1. MzScheme, preferably version 209.
  2. GNU Emacs for Windows. I prefer version 22.3 for MIDI LAML, but GNU Emacs version 23 is also OK.
  3. LAML version 37 (or newer). The full version is recommended. You must install LAML with MIDI LAML support (which is the default setup). You must use MzScheme (preferably version 209) as the underlying Scheme engine of LAML.
  4. Cygwin, at least a Cygwin shell. The 'default download' will do
  5. The DIV MIDI command line tools (OK as of April 2016).

It is also nice - but not necessary - to have

  1. WinAmp
  2. abcMIDI tools, from ABCplus sourceforge place. (The 2016 variant has not yet been tested with MIDI LAML).
  3. The ABC to postscript tool: abcm2ps from the ABCplus sourceforge place (Version 8.11 has not yet been tested with MIDI LAML).
  4. Ghostview for viewing of postscript files, generated by abcm2ps.

Short instructions:

When done, initiate MIDI LAML by parsing midi files to midl files, from dired: M-x midi-to-laml (activate on a selected file in Dired). Open the midl file. Set the midi ports, using the menu Tools > MidiPorts > ... Do not use the higher level Instrument > ... menu entries (which are specific to my own setup). Enjoy...

From within GNU Emacs, check if your MIDI LAML setup is OK by M-x check-midi-laml-setup.

If you are serious about this - and if you are in deep trouble - contact me by email.

/Kurt NÝrmark, (updated April 2016)