How to Download and Install the preconfigure version of MIDI LAML

MIDI LAML can be used on Windows (tested on XP and Win7). The system requires some specific sofware to be present:

You will need to install the following before you install MIDI LAML:

  1. GNU Emacs for Windows. I prefer version 22.3 for MIDI LAML, but GNU Emacs version 23.3 is also OK.
  2. Cygwin, at least a Cygwin shell. The 'default download' will do

Now download the preconfigured MIDI LAML system (which contains the MzScheme and DIV midi utilities). Proceed as follows:

  1. If necessary, create a directory Programs in C:/
  2. Download to the Programs directory, such that you obtain the following organization:
  3. Insert the contents of .emacs-midi-laml at the end of your .emacs file, and adapt it as described. Only two things need to be done.

From within GNU Emacs, you can check if your MIDI LAML setup is OK by M-x check-midi-laml-setup. The basic setup should be OK.

Now start Emacs, initiate dired C-x d on a directory with midi files, and process one of them with M-x midi-to-laml (or just one of shortcuts l og L in dired mode).

If you are serious about this - and if you are in deep trouble - contact me by email.

Kurt Nørmark