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1     Overall understanding of the Elucidator         5.4     Organizing the parsing process         9.1     Some HTML details.
        1.1     The overall picture         5.5     The accept functions         9.2     The icons
2     Overall software organization.         5.6     The collection functions         9.3     The program file menu and coloring schemes
        2.1     An example of an elucidator setup file.         5.7     The skipping functions         9.4     The Help page
        2.2     Overall documentation processing forms.         5.8     Summary of parsing process 10     Handling of bounded names
        2.3     File structure overview 6     Making the documentation page         10.1     Introduction to the problem
        2.4     Software Evolution Notes         6.1     The function documentation-contents         10.2     A solution
        2.5     Organization of the setup file         6.2     The function do-program-link-documentation! 11     Dealing with comments.
        2.6     The documentation-entry and documentation-section clauses         6.3     The state machines which transform the documentation bodies         11.1     Problems and existing descriptions
3     Making the program pages         6.4     The functions which returns a link to a program unit or a documentation unit         11.2     Ideas to improved handling of comments
        3.1     Getting started: the top level functions         6.5     Refined linking possibilities         11.3     Solution
        3.2     The overall program traversal and scanning.         6.6     Linking between documentation sections and entries.         11.4     Extracting sectional names from comments.
        3.3     Traversing and scanning lists         6.7     Linking from source markers in the documentation.         11.5     Look-ahead through comments for a define form
        3.4     More lexical troubles         6.8     Preparing the linking to the documentation source markers.         11.6     Presenting syntactical comments.
        3.5     Making links from the program to the documentation 7     Extracting applied names.         11.7     Printing the anchor name
        3.6     Marking detailed places in a program         7.1     Overview         11.8     Pretty printing syntactical comments
        3.7     Preparing the linking to program source markers.         7.2     The function applied-names-multiple-sources 12     Addressing definitions in specific source files.
        3.8     Linking from source markers in the program.         7.3     Extracting applied names from a single form.         12.1     Background
4     Extracting defined names 8     Making the indexes         12.2     The solution to the problem
        4.1     The function defined-names         8.1     The cross reference index 13     Ideas to future work on the Elucdiator tool.
        4.2     The function bounded-names         8.2     Alphabetically organized cross reference indexes         13.1     The ideas
5     Parsing the textual documentation         8.3     The duplicated name index 14     Problems and Errors in the Scheme Elucidator
        5.1     Introduction to the textual documentation format         8.4     Making the table of contents         14.1     Problems and errors
        5.2     The overall ideas         8.5     Local table of contents
        5.3     The top level functions. 9     Constructing the HTML files.
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