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Program 3
using System;
using System.Collections.ObjectModel;

class App{

  public static void Main(){

    AnimalFarm af = new AnimalFarm();

    // Populating the farm with Add
    af.Add(new Animal("elephant"));
    af.Add(new Animal("giraffe"));
    af.Add(new Animal("tiger"));
    ReportList("Adding elephant, giraffe, and tiger with Add(...)", af);

    // Additional population with Insert
    af.Insert(0, new Animal("dog"));
    af.Insert(0, new Animal("cat"));
    ReportList("Inserting dog and cat at index 0 with Insert(0, ...)", af);

    // Mutate the animal farm:
    af[1] = new Animal("herring", AnimalGroup.Fish, Sex.Male);
    ReportList("After af[1] = herring", af);

    // Remove tiger
    af.Remove(new Animal("tiger"));
    ReportList("Removing tiger with Remove(...)", af);

    // Remove animal at index 2
    ReportList("Removing animal at index 2, with RemoveAt(2)", af);

    // Clear the farm
    ReportList("Clear the farm with Clear()", af);

  public static void ReportList<T>(string explanation, Collection<T> list){
    foreach(T el in list)
      Console.WriteLine("{0, 3}", el);
    Console.WriteLine(); Console.WriteLine();