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Meta Lecture Notes

Kurt Normark ©
Department of Computer Science, Aalborg University, Denmark

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This is a meta level LENO demo

Page 1LENO Front mattersPage 20Slide-image
Page 2leno-front-mattersPage 21Image-series and subclauses
Page 3This is a section title - goto next page to see sourcePage 22Cross references and subclauses
Page 4This is a titlePage 23Language Syntax
Page 5TextPage 24Source-program and its subclauses
Page 6Slide-textPage 25Exercise clause and its subclauses
Page 7Note-textPage 26Tabular and its subclauses
Page 8Theme-textPage 27Applet-program
Page 9Meta-textPage 28Synopsis and subclauses
Page 10ItemsPage 29Quiz
Page 11PointPage 30Show-and-speak and subclauses
Page 12ExamplePage 31Lecturer-photos
Page 13Opposing items and its subclausesPage 32Lecturer-photos-and-logo
Page 14CommentPage 33Elucidate
Page 15Index-wordsPage 34Splice-page-with
Page 16Concept-list and its subclausePage 35Splice-page-without
Page 17QuotationPage 36Side-track
Page 18Image - two instances of imagePage 37More side-track
Page 19Svg-image - Scalable Vector GraphicsPage 38Slide-space

Internal 'show-and-speak' overview

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Program Oriented Web Engineering - using LAML