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Meta Lecture Notes
Source-program and its subclauses

An illustration of the important source-program clause

;start here

(define (document ttl body-form)
 (html html-props
   (meta meta-props) (title ttl))

(define validate-html? #t)
(define check-html-attributes? #t)
(define transliterate-character-data? #t)
(define check-element-prohibitions? #t)

; Write a WWW page with title and body to f.html, provided
; that this file is located in f.laml.  You must write this buffer
; to a file, such as f.laml, before you LAML process it.
(write-html '(raw prolog)

;end here

An excerpt of a skeleton LAML document. We have illustrate both seletion of a source program, a coloring of the inserted part.

/user/normark/scheme/styles/xml-in-laml/lecture-notes/man/meta-example/meta-lecture-notes.lamlThe LAML source of this page.

The LAML source of this page.