Introduction to the CS network

Fall 2008

About the Course

This course gives an introduction to the network and computer systems at Institute for Computer Science. All lectures will be in the auditorium. The first lecture will give you a brief introduction to the systems. The following lectures will focus on a specific toppic and be followed exercises.

There is no exam in the course, it counts as a free study activity. To get the course on your diploma you have to meet up to the first lecture.

First Lecture: Wednesday October 8th

First lecture will be in the main auditorium. The lecture will start 12:30 the 8th of October and will take between 1 and 2 hours. There is no preparation for the first lecture.


Example of vpnc conf file

Topic lectures with exercises

For the remaining lectures you will have to bring a laptop on which you can do the exercises.

The plan for the lectures are:

All slides and exercise material will be made available.

Exercise Material

Links to material needed in the exercises. Directory listing here

Sample bibliography

Report title page

AAU Logo for titlepage

.emacs Sample File

Links / Literature

First of all: google is your friend. Usually someone have had the same problem as you.


UNIX - An Introduction provides a resonably good guide for getting started with unix. Remember that Unix is big system, so its hard to put everything in one place - google is still your friend. This guide should start you up though.


The Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX2e is a good place to start. It can be downloaded free of charge.

The LaTeX Companion is the book about LaTeX. If you want to know how use the full potential of LaTeX, this is the book. It is not well suited for absolute beginners.

The book can be bought in the University book shop or Amazon (might be cheaper). Be sure to get the 2nd edition (2004)(has a compas on the cover, first edition (1994) has a dog on the cover).

Revision Control

Version Control with Subversion. This book gives an introduction to version control in general, describes the concepts of revision control, and configuration and use of Subversion.

The book is freely available on the internet, but you can also buy a dead tree version. Should be available in the bookstore.


Linux Journal has an article on getting started with Emacs. Windows users should be able to use it as well.

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