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Current downloadable version of LAML SchemeDoc: 38, November 14, 2011

Recent news related to SchemeDoc:
32.30: The SchemeDoc tutorial has been revised. Several issues have been dealt with. It should now be fully up-to-date.
33.00: Cleaner rendering of Scheme source programs via the Scheme Elucidator.
33.00: Added support of -/ prefix of .schemedoc-dependencies.

SchemeDoc is a tool for extraction of interface documentation (API documentation) from a Scheme source file. As such, SchemeDoc is a member of the familiy of interface documentation extraction tools, such as JavaDoc and Doxygen. The documentation extracted by SchemeDoc is presented as HTML files with use of CSS stylesheets. SchemeDoc is implemented in Scheme with use of the LAML libraries. I use SchemeDoc to document the LAML libraries and tools (see the Manual column of the referred table).

It is now possible to download SchemeDoc separately (2.6 Mbyte). SchemeDoc is subset of LAML. If you have downloaded LAML already, you also have SchemeDoc.

In the same way as LAML, SchemeDoc works on both Windows, Linux, and Unix. Personally, I use it with MzScheme and Guile, but it is designed to be applicable with all R4RS/R5RS Scheme systems that implement as set of LAML compatibility functions. SchemeDoc will not work together with R6RS. See additional details on supported Scheme systems.


Getting started

SchemeDoc (and the underlying LAML system) works very well together with Emacs (via Emacs menus and Emacs keyboard shortcuts), but it is also possible to use SchemeDoc without the support of Emacs.

In order to get started, we provide the following step-wise tutorials for novice users who do not want to use Emacs. The tutorial is good for SchemeDoc version 32.1 or newer.


SchemeDoc features:



Ex # Description The information source Generating script CSS Stylesheet The generated SchemeDoc manual
1 Simple Scheme source file with multi-semicolon style documentation comments example-1a.scm None. The Emacs command M-x SchemeDoc has been applied on the source program. argentina example-1a.html
2 The same Scheme source file with documentation-mark style documentation comments example-1b.scm None. The Emacs command M-x SchemeDoc has been applied on the source program. dark-green example-1b.html
3 Manual from written from scratch in the SchemeDoc XML-in-LAML language example-2.sdoc example-2.sdoc brazil example-2.html
4 Simple Scheme source file with custom tags class and my-tag ex-custom.scm custom-tags.sdoc argentina custom-tags.html
5 An example that illustates line continuation characters ex-line-cont.scm ex-line-cont.sdoc argentina ex-line-cont.html
6 SchemeDoc manual of a real-life Scheme library with use of a LAML script The LAML time library example-3.sdoc original example-3.html
7 A naked manual of demo XML DTD A CD Album XML DTD example-4.sdoc argentina example-4.html
8 An augmented manual of the SchemeDoc XML DTD itself The SchemeDoc Manaual XML DTD example-5.sdoc argentina example-5.html
9 A SchemeDoc Index Browser The SchemeDoc index setup file The SchemeDoc index setup file - sample-index.html
10 Multiple Scheme source files - one documentation page First Scheme file and Second Scheme file example-6.sdoc argentina ex6.html


SchemeDoc Resources


SchemeDoc Usage

SchemeDoc can be activated in several different ways, here ordered after the amount of control that can be exercised:


Similar Work

It is worth noticing that there a several different and unrelated approaches to documentation of the interface of Scheme libraries. There is even another system called SchemeDoc. Here is a list of similar systems (and the Scheme system to which they belong):

For more details see the MISC part of the Scheme FAQ or section 3.5 of my paper Scheme Program Documentation tools.

If you are aware of other similar systems, please tell me.

Kurt NÝrmark
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