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This is the home page of LENO.

LENO is a system for production of web-based teaching materials. The author writes an XML-related source document which is processed by the LENO software. In this page we introduce the LENO system and give a detailled instruction to the installation and first use of the software. A number of examples of teaching materials produced in the LENO system can be found from the bottom of this page.


The following papers have been written about LENO:

  1. The paper "Deriving a Comprehensive Document from a Concise Document - Document Engineering in Scheme" (pdf, ps).
    August 2007. Accompanying example web page.
    A paper that explains how to derive a textbook material from a slide material in LENO.
    To be presented at The Scheme workshop 2007 in Freiburg, Germany, September 2007.

  2. "The Why and Wherefore of the LENO System." (pdf).
    Paper for the E-learning lab antology.
    August 2003.

  3. The paper "WEB Based Lecture Notes - The LENO Approach" (pdf )
    Will not be published.
    November 2001.

  4. The paper "LAML Educational Technology" (pdf, ps, web referencer)
    In Danish. En samlet rapport om LAML undervisningsteknologi skrevet som afrapportering til E-learning Lab ved Aalborg Universitet.
    Dækker LENO og andre værktøjer.
    December 2003.

  5. The paper "A Suite of WWW-based Tools for Advanced Course Management"
    (preliminary and extended html, final pdf, final zipped postscript, slides html )
    Presented at "Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education" ITiCSE, Finland, July 2000
    This paper is about LENO, and other LAML based tools for course management. The paper does not reflect the current XML-in-LAML interface of LENO.

  6. The paper Scheme on the Web and in the Classroom - A Retrospective about the LAML Project (pdf)
    from The 12th Workshop on Scheme and Function Programming, September 2012. Olivier Danvy (editor)

Basic idea and philosophy behind the LENO system

The basic idea behind LENO is to provide a tool for production of web-based teaching material.

A teaching material produced in the LENO system is organized in a number of lectures (or chapters) and is caracterized by the potential co-existence of up to four different views, e.g., slide view for auditorium presentation, annotated slide view for reading purposes and thematic view for more traditional reading. The user can dynamically navigate between the different views present in the teaching material. As a suplement audio tracks can be used to complement the textual decriptions in the teaching material. See a more detailled explanation on the different views.

A central issue is the avoidance of maintaining several copies of the contents of the teaching material. External textual fragments are included directly from the source - no copies are made. Elements can be "borrowed" from another page without replicting it in the source document. Trails are supported which allow for various selections of the teaching material without copying any parts. Using a LENO trail it is possible to define a sequence of slides from selected slides in a number of sections.

The author of the teaching material produces the teaching material by writing a XML-related source material. The LENO system then automatically processes the source and produces a catalogue containing a self-contained web based teaching material.

Typical user profile

If you can recognize the following needs and preferences you are a potential user of the LENO system.

A list of main features of the LENO system is avalable.

Getting started with the LENO system

The following material introduces the LENO system and is recommended to the author who produces teaching material using the LENO system for the first time. Material describing more advanced use of the LENO system can be found in "The LENO Tutorial". The following gentle introduction to the LENO system assumes that you have already installed LENO on your own system (see the link below).

A number of concrete examples, which are bundled with the full LAML distribution, are also available.

How to make advanced teaching material in the LENO system

The following material describes how to make advanced teaching material in the LENO system. If you use LENO for the first time we suggest that you start with "A gentle introduction to the LENO system".

Kurt Nørmark

Thank you to Louise Elgaard for help and support during the creation of the LENO home page.



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