LAML and SchemeDoc Downloading


The following versions of the LAML distribution are available:

There is no need to download both the full/slim version of LAML and SchemeDoc. SchemeDoc is part of the full/slim LAML distribution. There are also some issues about coexistence of several LAML distributions.

Choose SchemeDoc if you only are interested in documentation of Scheme libraries.

The full and slim versions of LAML are functionally equivalent. However, be aware that we only store the latest version of the full LAML distribution of the software at our Web site. So if you download the slim version today, and if you access documentation at in the future, we cannot guarantee that you access fully accurate documentation relative to your downloaded version. Always check the version number to make sure. The LAML variable laml-version refers to the version of your running LAML system. In the root of the LAML distribution, the file distribution-version holds the same information.

Version 38.00 is from November 14, 10, 2011:

When you have downloaded and unzipped LAML or SchemeDoc, please read the README file, and bring the index.html file up in your Internet browser. From here, you can navigate to all the available information about LAML (either on your local machine if you have the full version, or remotely). You must install LAML before you can use it. An installation of LAML causes only internal modifications of the files in laml directory, with the exception of a possible change of your .emacs file. Read about the installation when you have downloaded and unzipped the distribution.

Windows users are recommend to unzip LAML into C:\programs\ and to follow the very simple Windows installation procedure.

I would be pleased to hear from you when you have downloaded LAML, and when you have tried it out. Send mail to


Here are most of the older versions of LAML:



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