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The LAML Tutorial

This is the LAML tutorial presented as a collection of Elucidative Programs. The tutorials are all prepared by use of Scheme Elucidator 2.

The tutorial is accompanied by a set of examples, which are found in the LAML example directory.
The main tutorial example index is a useful starting point for exploration of the example files. If you wish to play with the example files, please copy them to your own directory in order not to destroy the integrity of the tutorial.

The tutorial consists of the following chapters:

  1. Getting started with LAML (Revised July 27, 2005).
  2. Using the HTML mirror functions (Revised August 1, 2005).
  3. Web authoring with higher-order functions (Revised July 8, 2004).
  4. XML mirrors in Scheme: XML in LAML (Revised July 7, 2004).
  5. SchemeDoc and Manual pages (Revised June 9, 2007).
  6. Making teaching material with LENO (Revised July 9, 2004).
  7. CGI Programming with LAML
Kurt Nørmark