A Programmatic Approach to WWW Authoring

Kurt NÝrmark ©
Department of Computer Science
Aalborg University

In this talk I present a programmatic approach to authoring of WWW material. The approach is based on my work on LAML in Scheme. With LAML it is possible to generate HTML pages from a Scheme document source. The basic idea is to mirror HTML to a number of Scheme functions. Based on this mirror, a number of document styles, tools, and additional libraries have been built. The creation of abstractions in terms of functions is a key to mastering complexity - in program development as well as WEB development. But also the possibility to perform immediate automation of routine tasks at the most natural places in the document is an important characteristics of programmatic authoring. In the talk we will discuss discuss programmatic authoring as a contrast to other WWW authoring possibilities, and we will illustrate the practical potential of the approach by a variety of different examples. We will also briefly touch of server side CGI programming using LAML.

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