Lecture overview
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On-line Course Material

On this page we discuss on-line course material in a relative broad context before we proceed to a more detailed discussion of LENO

HTML-based material can be accessed immediately from almost any computer

HTML-based material integrates smoothly with other Internet resources

LENO supports production of on-line, HTML-based, hypertextual course materials

  • Overall characteristics of LENO

    • The material is structured as a number of slides

    • LENO allows for various annotations of slides

    • LENO provides multiple views on the course materials

      • Slide view

      • Annotated slide view    (example)

      • Aggregated lecture view    (example)

    • Created as a reaction against Powerpoint

These slides, which you are reading now, are produced by LENO. It is therefore possible to illustrate the three views in a very concrete way. Either you can use the standard navigational facility to explore the different views, or you can follow the explicit example links which we provide

Powerpoint can produce a bitmapped graphics version of a slide presentation. However, it takes relatively long time to download such a page. Moreover, the navigational facilities are rather poor from the generated page. It is also possible to install a special Powerpoint viewer, which makes it possible to show a powerpoint presentation in an Internet browser. However, this requires explicit installation and a machine which allows such installation. Finally, it is possible to convert a Powerpoint presentation to external formats, such as PDF. Again, this requires a special reader program in order to access the material (Acrobat reader), and the resulting PDF material is only rarely integrated in a good way with other resources on the Internet.