(note-page 'interface-eksempel2
  (title "Example using StringInput and StringOutput"
         "We show how StringInput and StringOutput can be used together.
          Let us emphasize that the example is though as an illustration
          in relation to Java interfaces. The example has not been carried
          through entirely, and it is not thought to be a of any practical use"

 (source-program "includes/Bank5.java"  (list "class IoKonto" "// end IoKonto")
          (list "implements StringInputOutput" "" red)
          (list "public String toStringRepresentation(){" "}" blue)    
          (list "public void fromStringRepresentation(String s){" "}" purple)    
        '(slide-inline book-inline)
        "A class IoKonto which implements the interface StringInputOuput. 
         The methods in the interface must be defined in IoKonto."
 ) ;end source

 (source-program "includes/Bank5.java"  (list "class Bank5" "// end Bank5")
          (list "k1.toStringRepresentation()" "" red)
          (list "k2.toStringRepresentation()" "" red)    
          (list "k1.fromStringRepresentation(k2.toStringRepresentation())" "" red)    
        '(slide-external book-inline)
        "An example of a client of IoKonto
 ) ;end source 
 (index-words "StringInput (Abstract Java example class)")