(note-page 'objekt-interaktion
  (title "Object-interaction"
         "Objects interacts with each other by sending messages..." )

  (point (con-space "Objects interacts with each other by sending messages" (p)
                    "Sending a message to an object causes activation of a
                     method in the class of the object"))

      "A scenario in which a customer object deposit 500 kroner in a bank."
         (list "bank-interaktion-1.gif"
               "A customer sends the message 'indsæt' to his bank")
         (list "bank-interaktion-2.gif"
               "The bank object finds the collection of accounts")
         (list "bank-interaktion-3.gif"
               "The particular account is located")
         (list "bank-interaktion-4.gif"
               "The 'indsæt' besked is sent to the account")
         (list "bank-interaktion-5.gif"
               "The account is updated")
         (list "bank-interaktion-6.gif"
               "With bank as the current object the account is stored back")
         (list "bank-interaktion-7.gif"
               "The actual storing of the account takes place")
     '(slide-external book-inline)
  ) ;end image-series

  (point (con "The distribution of functionality depends on a chosen 
               distribution of responsibilities" (p)
              "This subject is addressed in the design phase of the development process")