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Porting LAML to another Scheme System

LAML is prepared for porting to other Scheme systems, operating systems, or platforms. I have isolated the parts of LAML that depend on a particular Scheme System in well-defined files. Also the platform dependent aspects have been isolated. Below you will find a list with advice on how to port LAML.
  1. Register the platform and/or the Scheme system in the LAML configuration descriptions

  2. Define non-standard Scheme functions

  3. Define the laml command file

  4. Define the LAML Emacs Lisp execution functions

  5. In case you want to use Scheme for CGI programming purposes

When you are done, try configure LAML, and try out the examples.You can run them all by processing the file process-all.laml in the example dir.

If you manage to port LAML to a new platform, operating system or Scheme system, I would like to receive the following from you in order to extend future LAML distributions with your contributions:

  1. A zipped version of the laml-config directory
  2. A zipped version of the lib/compatibility directory
please email these directories to me, see email address below. 

Kurt NÝrmark
Aalborg University 


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