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What is new in LAML

News in version 36:

  1. The LAML Chords language has been extended. A chord also includes a bass note attribute (named b), which is transposed together with the chord note. It is also possible to mark a chord as optional (with the o attribute). Optional chords are not shown in simple song renderings.
  2. Much development has been done on MIDI LAML, which again is part of the LAML distribution. A paper describing the MIDI LAML efforts has been published. MIDI LAML is still work in progress. This part of LAML is not yet final, and not necessarily stable. MIDI LAML is also more tightly connected to MzScheme than the rest of the LAML software.

As of 2010, I use LAML for many everyday WEB tasks. All my HTML files are authored in LAML. I also still use LAML for course home pages (via a special XML language) and for authoring teaching materials (in LENO). Finally, I work regularly on MIDI LAML, which supports editing of MIDI files in an XML-in-LAML language. LAML.