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What is new in LAML

News in version 35:

  1. A tool that aids navigation in Emacs Lisp and Scheme files has been added. It is located in emacs-support/laml-misc-tools.el. In the LAML configuration file this support can be selected or deselected.

News in version 35.1:

  1. This version of LAML has been tested with Guile version 1.8.7. The only problem encountered is reading of strings with certain backslash patterns. A small modification has been carried out in the Guile compatibility file lib/compatibility/star_star_guile.scm. Guile version 1.4 (and ealier versions) are not directly supported any more (but is not difficult to support them, see details in the compatibility file).

As of 2009, I use LAML for many everyday WEB tasks. All my HTML files are written in LAML. I also still use LAML for course home pages (via a special XML language) and for authoring teaching materials (in LENO). Finally, I work regularly on MIDI LAML, which supports editing of MIDI files in an XML-in-LAML language. A paper on MIDI LAML will appear on the LAML home page in near future. The MIDI LAML work is not yet part of the distribution because it relies on many resources which are external to LAML. MIDI LAML is also more tightly connected to MzScheme than the rest of the LAML software.