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What is new in LAML

News in version 34:

  1. Midi-laml: Has temporarily been taken out of the distribution. As of April 2009 it is too complicated for set up the support of Midi LAML. This has to be dealt with in a serious manner if Midi-laml is to be part of future distributions.
  2. Some central functions in general.scm and xml-in-laml.scm have been optimized for the sake of midi-laml. In laml.scm a new variable, laml-execution-mode, is introduced to control if a fast or a safe version of selected functions are used.
  3. Version 34.10: The two Emacs Lisp packages structural-regular-expressions.el and dired-extensions.el are now loaded by laml-emacs-support.el, because these packages are used by midi.el.