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What is new in LAML

News in version 33:

  1. The Scheme Elucidator: An extra front-matters attribute, render-doc-comments, allows control of the rendering of documentation comments in Scheme source programs.
  2. SchemeDoc: SchemeDoc makes simpler renderings of Scheme source programs. Documentation comments are not includede in the source programs.
  3. xml-in-laml: Delayed procedural content items now also work in empty XML element. This makes it possible to delay the production of attribute name/value pairs.
  4. Midi-laml: Support of Midi-laml has been much expanded.
  5. Emacs activation in emacs-support/laml-execute.el: It is now possible to pass program parameters to start-laml-process and call-laml-process and a number of functions on top of these. Only MzScheme are able to use program parameters, however.