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What is new in LAML

News in version 32:

  1. The internal attribute run-action-procedure of all XML-in-LAML mirror functions
    The internal attribute run-action-procedure can be used to prevent execution of action procedure of mirror functions. This is useful if you construct an AST without wanting to carry out the action, typically of the root node of the AST.
  2. Much faster functions for linearization of an XML-in-LAML AST as LAML source
    See the functions render-as-laml-to-output-port and render-as-laml-string in the library xml-in-laml.scm. They can be used instead of the function xml-render-as-laml.
  3. LENO
    A variety of updates have been done on the LENO system.
  4. Midi LAML
    Parsing of MIDI files to XML-in-LAML (Scheme) expressions, and similar unparsing is a new part of LAML in version 32. I use this facility as a programmatic sequencer, in place of an interactive and more conventional sequencer :-) MIDI LAML comes with Emacs support. This is still work in active progress.
  5. Support of MzScheme 300+
    Prior to version 32 we had problems with LAML when used together with PLT MzScheme version 300+. These problems have now been dealt with.

News in version 32.1:

  1. Support of DrScheme 300+
    It is now possible to configure LAML with drscheme-300, such that LAML and/or SchemeDoc can be used with version 300+ of DrScheme.
  2. Improved support of SchemeDoc for novice users.
    The SchemeDoc homepage now has support for novice SchemeDoc users. See the "getting started" part. A number of necessary changes of the LAML system have been done to accommodate these.

News in version 32.2:

  1. The link to the documention of the Compatibility functions was wrong in version 32.0 and 32.1. This problem is fixed in 32.2

News in version 32.3:

  1. The SchemeDoc tutorial has been lightly revised, and brought up-to-date. A number of minor problems of the tutoral have been dealt with.
  2. The schemedoc function of laml.scm has been re-implemented to ensure consistent results with other ways of initiating SchemeDoc.
Kurt Nørmark