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What is new in LAML

News in version 30:

  1. An XPath inspired location path and steps framework has been added to LAML. It can be seen as an alternative to the minimalistic LAML transformation framework, used until now. Still somewhat experimental.
  2. The algorithm that implements the parameter passing rules of the XML-in-LAML mirror functions (see section 2 of Using the HTML Mirror Functions) has been re-implemented. Some special cases were not properly deal with in the old implementation. The re-implemented function is xml-sort-tag-parameters (and its helping functions) in lib/xml-in-laml/xml-in-laml.scm.
  3. SchemeDoc: The support of custom tags have been added to LAML SchemeDoc.
  4. SchemeDoc: The SchemeDoc Extractor has been modified to allow for a line continuation charater '\' (a back slash) at the end of a comment line that starts with a tag, like .parameter, .return, etc. This implies that a long comment line (with an initial tag) can now be broking into a number shorter comment lines.

Version 30.1

  1. SchemeDoc: It has been arranged that the SchemeDoc extractor maintains the newline characters. This provides for more elaborate formatting with use of, for instance, the HTML pre tag in some internal tags.
  2. SchemeDoc: In the documentation of XML-in-LAML mirror libraries there is now a section which documents the basic properties of the mirror

Version 30.2

  1. Scheme Elucidator (and hereby SchemeDoc): A number of (subtle) errors have been corrected.
  2. All XHTML1.0 mirrors and the XHTML1.1 mirror: Extended contents and extended attribute values (numbers and characters) are now accepted pr. default.
  3. SchemeDoc: Emacs buffers in Scheme mode give now direct access to SchemeDoc information. Use (for instance) the menu Scheme > SchemeDoc > Show documentation of ...
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