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What is new in LAML

News in version 27:

  1. New functions in laml.scm which provide version information about the actual LAML installation.
  2. New functions in lib/xml-in-laml.scm that make it possible to have XML comments, CDATA sections, and Processing Instructions in LAML documents.
  3. When used with XML languages, LAML now checks the constraints of ID, IDREF and IDREFS attributes. However, the constraints "One ID per Element Type" and "ID Attribute Default" are not yet checked.
  4. The LAML Photoshow tool now extract date and time from JGP files. It is also possible to rotate images via ImageMagic.
  5. An error in the XML and HTML parsing program has corrected, such that it now is possible to parse XHTML files with the LAML HTML parser.
  6. The LAML SchemeDoc Software has been reorganized and updated. See the SchemeDoc README file. The LAML SchemeDoc Reference Manual is probably of interest. The LAML SchemeDoc Home page has been totally reorganized at the beginning of June 2005. There is now a separate subset of LAML that constitute SchemeDoc (with the Scheme Elucidator). This subset can be downloaded and installed separately. However, be aware of potential co-existence problems.

LAML and SchemeDoc version 27.1

  1. A number of errors in SchemeDoc has been corrected.
Kurt Nørmark