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What is new in LAML

News in version 25:

  1. A new SchemeDoc browser has been introduced on top of SchemeDoc manual pages. The SchemeDoc browser adds additional structure and navigation possibilties on top of a single SchemeDoc page.
  2. The existing LAML Browser and Scheme Browser has been replaced by a LAML and Scheme Browser, made with the Manual Index Facility
  3. The internal tagging conventions of SchemeDoc comments in Scheme source programs have been relaxed. Now internal tagging is allowed anywhere in a SchemeDoc comment.
  4. An alternative documentation style is now supported by SchemeDoc.
  5. Scheme knowledge about R5RS has been added. See the directory r5rs of the LAML distribution.
  6. A new section of Scheme knowledge functions has been added to laml.scm at the root of the LAML distribution. These function provides access to information about R4RS and R5RS, in particular the categorization of each syntax form/procedure and the URLs of each syntax form/procedure in the Scheme Reports. This affects the SchemeDoc indexing facility and the Scheme Elucidator.
  7. SchemeDoc is now able to extract documentation comments nested within already documented definitions. As of now, only two levels are handled.
  8. Full distribution only: The LAML sources of all manuals of the LAML distribution are now included. The LAML manual sources may serve as inspiration for use of LAML SchemeDoc.

News in version 25.10:

  1. The Scheme Elucidator has been improved in a number of ways. The awareness of local name bindings has, in particular, been improved.
  2. Some details of SchemeDoc have also been changed.
Kurt Nørmark