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What is new in LAML

News in version 24:

  1. The full distribution contains the XHTML DTDs, the SVG DTD and the LAML parsing scripts. See the directory tools/dtd-parser/dtds/.
  2. The full distribution also contains the mirror generation scripts for the XML DTDs mentioned above. See the directories tools/xml-in-laml/xhtml10/ and tools/xml-in-laml/svg10
  3. The guile compatibility file, lib/compatibility/star_star_guile.scm: Some improvements made by Thien-Thi Nguyen have been included. The improvements are related to the functions directory-exists?, make-directory-in-directory, directory-list, and mail.
  4. A new version of the Scheme Elucidator - called The Scheme Elucidator 2 - has been included. It is based on XML-in-LAML. The Emacs support of Scheme Elucidator 2 has been revised and updated.
  5. The Reference manual of LENO has been improved considerably. It is made via use of SchemeDoc on the LENO XML DTD.
  6. A new LAML Emacs command, called M-x tidy-laml-form, has been created. It can be applied on paragrah-like forms with the purpose of fixing indentation and line breaking. If you use LAML for authoring purposes M-x tidy-laml-form is very helpful.
  7. There is now Emacs menu support of LAML SchemeDoc. See Tools > SchemeDoc (for creating LAML manual scripts) and Scheme > SchemeDoc (for SchemeDoc support in Scheme buffers).
Kurt Nørmark