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What is new in LAML

News in version 21:

  1. The XML transformation has been changed a couple of places in lib/xml-in-laml/xml-in-laml.scm. More tranformation examples have been added in examples/xml-in-laml-transformation/
  2. XML DTD parser: It is not necessary any longer to add empty attribute clauses.
  3. Support of SISC has been introduced in cooperation with Matthias Radestock.
  4. The Scheme Elucidator: Quasiquotation is supported. Also names in tables, like <xxx>, are now 'html protected'. Full dot notation is also supported. The special symbol ... is also supported.
  5. Using the information in the DTD it is possible to know in advance that a given AST construct (of some given element name), or a given attribute cannot exist in some part of a valid document. These kind of informations are now collected in a so-called XML navigator, which is made for each XML-in-LAML language during mirror construction. With this, a number of new AST search and transformation functions have been provided for: find-asts, find-first-ast, unique-ast-attributes. These search function prune the search when possible.
  6. The XML-in-LAML photo-show style (really a tool) has been included. This is an HTML-based facility to present JPG photos.
Kurt Nørmark