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What is new in LAML

News in version 19

  1. The first version of the new LAML tutorial has been included in the full version of LAML.
  2. The LAML tool that parses an XML DTD is now included in the distribution. See tools/dtd-parser/ and the manual.
  3. The LAML tool that generates Scheme mirrors of XML languages is now included in the distribution. See tools/xml-in-laml/ and the manual.
  4. LENO - an XML-in-LAML language - has been extended in numerous ways.
  5. A XML-in-LAML version of the course plan system has been added. As of now, it has only been used superficially. See styles/xml-in-laml/course-plan/
  6. The Emacs menu system for LAML and LENO has been changed. The Tools menu contains a LAML menu item (which also includes the Elucidator menu items). LENO has got a separate menu.
  7. The LAML browser now includes XHTML1.0 transitional mirror functions instead of HTML4.01 mirror functions.
  8. The XML-in-LAML processing parameters have been refined
  9. The SchemeDoc processing of Scheme source files has been refined and improved. As a consequence, all LAML software can now be used with MzScheme200+.
  10. Jens Rasmussen,, has made a port of LAML to Mac OSX. If you are a Mac fan, you should use unix as laml-platform, osx as operating-system, and mzscheme-200 as scheme-system in the file laml-config/configuration.

As a related news, the 2002 edition of the teaching material:

has now been completed. Many aspects of this material uses features from LAML. An audio version as well as a printable (PDF) version is available.


Kurt Nørmark