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What is new in LAML

News in version 18:

  1. The event that promted this version has been the start of the programming paradigm course at the CS department of Aalborg University. I have written a course material in LENO: Functional programming in Scheme - A web-oriented approach which use LENO. I wanted have the students to have access to the most updated version of LAML for this course. This has become LENO version 18.

  2. XHTML transitional and XHTML frameset mirrors have been included - with full validation

  3. An SVG 1.0 mirror with partial valiation has been included.

  4. The elucidative LAML tutorial has been extended, but it is not yet completed. It still resides in at It is not yet part of the LAML distribution.

Besides the major improvements listed above, a lot of small improvements have been made throughout the styles, tools, and libraries. See a more detailed log for further details. Notice however that some changes has been performed without any logging...


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