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What is new in LAML

News in version 16:

  1. The LAML distribution now exists in two versions: full and slim. The full version contains a lot of documentation together with the Scheme software. The latter only contains the software and minimal documentation with links to the stuff.

  2. Both LENO, the course plan facility, and the Scheme Elucidator now creates the internal directories, if they do not exist already

  3. A new LAML activation command called absolute-laml has been introduced, but only supported on solaris on unix using MzScheme. The absolute-laml command activates a laml file addressed by an absolute path, as opposed to activating LAML on a file in the current directory. I use absolute-laml for cron job activation of LAML programs.

  4. A little more work has been done on the LAML bibtex tool, but it is still not complete.

  5. The Emacs mode for LAML has been improved such that the LAML keybindings (C-o, etc) are now local to the laml keymap. Menu support for LAML has also been added (in 16.1).

  6. The general library has been reorganized to provide for better categorization of the generally useful functions in the LAML software packages.

  7. LAML now supports a LAML init file, such as .laml in the users home directory. The laml init file is loaded as the last action in laml.scm. The laml init file is for your own customization of LAML. Please notice that redefinition of functions loaded by LAML styles and tools cannot be done in the LAML init file, because such stuff is loaded after the loading of laml.scm. The LAML init file is specified in an optional clause of the configuration file of LAML, cf. theLAML installation guide.

Besides the major improvemens listed above, a lot of small improvements have been made throughout the styles, tools, and libraries. See a more detailed log for further details. Notice however that some changes has been performed without any logging...

As can be seen, version 16 does not contain major new features. However, a lot of small additions and corrections have been made - enough to warrant a new distribution.


Kurt NÝrmark
Aalborg University



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