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What is new in LAML

News in version 14:

  1. The mirror of HTML4.0 loose has been refined. In particular, all the nice and high level stuff from the old html.scm library (which is now obsolete for new developments) has been retrofitted to the new mirror. You find the new library in convenience.scm (manual)

  2. The HTML4.0 mirror in LAML now support CSS inline style attributes side by side with HTML attributes, such as:
    (em 'css:letter-spacing "0.3cm" 'css:text-decoration "overline" 'css:background-color "yellow"
        'css:color "red" "Emphasized text")

  3. The LAML distribution includes an HTML version of W3's HTML definitions. We link systematically from the HTML4.0 mirror manaul pages to this document.

  4. The compatibility files, which implement a number of Scheme definitions for particular Scheme systems, are now moved to the compatibility directory of lib. In that way these particular files are easier to deal with.

  5. We have included a useful browser of all LAML library functions.

  6. We have included a convenient browser for the Scheme Report, R4RS, in the distribution. Our contribution is only indexing. The LAML distribution includes an HTML version of R4RS. The Scheme Elucidator uses this support too (see the brown links in example).

  7. The SchemeDoc tool, which is able to extract WWW interface documentation from a Scheme source file, has been extended with the support of internal tags - much along the lines of JavaDoc. In that way it is possible to extract well structured manual pages directory from a Scheme source file. Allmost all the LAML manuals are produced by Schemedoc.

  8. The CGI library (manual) , together with the library encode-decode (manual), now supports file uploading.

  9. The LENO facility - for production of slides and lecture notes (see example) - now uses the exact HTML4.0 mirror.

  10. The photo show tool makes it possible to generate HTML pages for a photo show which cycles automatically through a series of jpg or gif pictures. See the example.

Besides the major improvemens listed above, a lot of small improvements have been made throughout the styles, tools, and libraries. See a more detailed log for further details. Notice however that some changes has been performed without any logging...


Kurt NÝrmark
Aalborg University



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