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What is new in LAML

News in version 13:

  1. We have identified non-R4RS functions used in the LAML software, see the main index file.

  2. We have made it easier for people to port LAML to other Scheme systems, see the separate description.

  3. A new mirror of HTML in Scheme is under way. This mirror is very accurate in relation to the HTML 4.0 defintion, because it is based on parsed version of the HTML4.0 (loose) DTD. We support a 100% accurate attribute check, but not yet context free syntactical validation of HTML. We include a basic mirror and a convenient and flexible surface layer in this distribution. What is still missing is a reimplementation of the library html.scm to use the new bottom layer.

  4. Programmatic activation of LAML from Scheme has been improved, cf. the functions laml and laml-load in laml.scm. We do not use poor activation mode any longer. Now, any activation of LAML uses the contextual information about file name and directory path.


Kurt NÝrmark
Aalborg University



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