I’m very excited to start as a postdoctoral researcher in the department of Computer Science, at Aalborg University.

I will continue my research in the field of Exploratory Analytics for Information Graphs. The goal will be to study new data exploration functionalities by implementing dedicated Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics operators enabled by the Exemplar Query paradigm.

To extract relevant and actionable knowledge from rich information graph, analysts and researchers must face large amounts of interlinked information that is produced and shared by different actors with an unpredictable and heterogeneous structure. This is particulary evident in the realm of Linked Open Data (LOD).

Moreover, the typical gateway to access these repositories are specialized query languages that are usually challenging to use to non-expert users. This drastically reduces the real accessibility to these assets, which is in clear contrast to the goal by which LOD have been created in the first place.

Hence, there is a primary need to support the understanding of the information LOD repositories represent and to provide easy access to their content. To address this need we aim at providing a data exploration system for LOD.