Q) What is Knowledge Graph Exploration?
A) a machine-assisted process of analysis of a KG to:
(1) understand its structure,
(2) identify whether it can satisfy the current information need, and
(3) locate the portion of the KG pertinent to the current need
Taxonomy of KG Exploration techniques and their positioning on the spectrum of features. Top KG Exploration, leaves: Summarization/Profiling, Exploratory Analytics, Exploratory search.
The taxonomy of KG Exploration techniques that we propose and their mapping on the interactivity / domain-knowledge requirements spectrum.

In this work we divide techniques in:

  • Summarization/Profiling
  • Exploratory Analytics
  • Exploratory Search

These 3 are mapped on a spectrum from no interaction and no requirement to domain knowledge, to high interaction and higher requirement of domain knowledge.

Less interactive methods require less domain knowledge, the system is doing all the work given some general definition of "interestingness". Yet, they also produce less detailed answers. More interactive approaches require more domain knowledge, but can provide more details.

We are actively working on this in the EDAO project.

You can find out more in our publication on the SIGWEB Newsletter (ed. Summer, 2020).

An extended version of this work has also been presented at CIDR 2022.