Printed copies of the book Data Exploration using Example-based Methods
The book (~140 pages) provides detailed examples and texts highlighting challenges in the area of example-based exploratory search.

I’m very proud to have worked with my co-authors on a new book in the Synthesis Lectures on Data Management titled “Data Exploration using Example-based Methods”.

The book provides insights on how example-based search systems can be employed by expert and non-expert users in the realm of Data Exploration. In particular, in retrieving the portion of the data that is relevant to their interest, while avoiding the use of complex query languages.

We have witnessed a rediscovery of the example-based methods, which exploit inherent characteristics of the data to infer the results that the user has in mind but may not be able to (easily) express. The book presents an excursus over the main methods for exploratory analysis, with a particular focus on example-based methods. The book also presents the challenges and new frontiers of machine learning in online settings that have recently attracted the attention of the database community.

Cover of book: Data Exploration using Example-based Methods
Synthesis Lectures on Data Management — Morgan & Claypool publishers

With this book we have surveyed more than two hundreds research sources to highlight the main example-based techniques for relational, graph, and textual data.

We hope this book answers the questions and builds the necessary knowledge to those interested in constructing new data exploration systems.

Data Exploration Using Example-Based Methods.”
Synthesis Lectures on Data Management , 10 (4) (): pages: 164. Morgan & Claypool Publishers
ISBN: 9781681734552.

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