Uppaal Timed Automata Parser Library

The Uppaal Timed Automata Parser Library (libutap) is the parser library used by UPPAAL. It is distributed separately from UPPAAL under the LGPL license. On this page you can find the source code of the library and some documentation.




You need the following tools and libraries on your system in order to compile and use the library:


libutap uses automake and autoconf to generate make files and configure the build process. To configure and install the library, simply run:

make install

You may want to specify an alternative installation path using the --prefix option.


The following documentation of the library is available at the moment:


The above source code download contains the tracer utility which given a UPPAAL XTR trace file prints the trace to stdout. You may use this example as a starting point for writing your own trace analysis tools. This tool requires access to the UPPAAL intermediate format introduced in UPPAAL 3.6 Beta 1. Invoke it as:

UPPAAL_COMPILE_ONLY=1 verifyta model.xml - | tracer - trace.xtr


UPPAAL_COMPILE_ONLY=1 verifyta model.xml - > model.if
tracer model.if trace.xtr


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