Constant Field Values



  • com.uppaal.engine.LexicalAnalyser 
    Modifier and Type Constant Field Value
    public static final int BLOCK 3
    public static final int END 1
    public static final int ERROR_EOL 10
    public static final int FLOAT 7
    public static final int INT 4
    public static final int LONG 5
    public static final int NEWLINE 0
    public static final int NONE 6
    public static final int PARTIAL_END 8
    public static final int WORD 2
  • com.uppaal.engine.QueryResult 
    Modifier and Type Constant Field Value
    public static final int MAYBE_NOT_OK 3
    public static final int MAYBE_OK 2
    public static final int NOT_OK 4
    public static final int OK 1
    public static final int UNCHECKED 5
  • com.uppaal.model.io2.SimpleCharStream 
    Modifier and Type Constant Field Value
    public static final boolean staticFlag false
  • com.uppaal.model.io2.UGIReaderConstants 
    Modifier and Type Constant Field Value
    public static final int ASSIGN 23
    public static final int BRANCHPOINT 8
    public static final int CLPAR 32
    public static final int COLOR 35
    public static final int COMMA 28
    public static final int DEFAULT 0
    public static final int DOT 30
    public static final int ECOLOR 27
    public static final int EOF 0
    public static final int EXPRATE 18
    public static final int EXTERNALDECL 16
    public static final int GLOBALDECL 11
    public static final int GRAPHINFO 25
    public static final int GUARD 21
    public static final int ID 33
    public static final int IMPORTS 12
    public static final int INVARIANT 17
    public static final int LCOLOR 26
    public static final int LOCALDECL 15
    public static final int LOCATION 6
    public static final int LOCATIONNAME 7
    public static final int NAT 34
    public static final int OPPAR 31
    public static final int PARAMLIST 10
    public static final int PROBABILITY 24
    public static final int PROCASSIGN 13
    public static final int PROCESS 5
    public static final int SELECT 20
    public static final int SEMICOLON 29
    public static final int SYNC 22
    public static final int SYSTEMDEF 14
    public static final int TEMPLATENAME 9
    public static final int TRANS 19
  • com.uppaal.model.io2.XTAReaderConstants 
    Modifier and Type Constant Field Value
    public static final int ASSIGN 22
    public static final int BECOMES 27
    public static final int BODY 4
    public static final int BRANCHPOINT 16
    public static final int CHAN 9
    public static final int CLBR 42
    public static final int CLBRACE 37
    public static final int CLOCK 10
    public static final int CLOSE 31
    public static final int COLON 48
    public static final int COMMA 34
    public static final int COMMIT 18
    public static final int CONST 12
    public static final int DEFAULT 0
    public static final int DOT 39
    public static final int DOUBLE 11
    public static final int EOF 0
    public static final int EQUAL 40
    public static final int ERROR 55
    public static final int EXCLMARK 33
    public static final int EXTERNAL 7
    public static final int FROM 26
    public static final int GEQ 51
    public static final int GRT 52
    public static final int GUARD 20
    public static final int ID 53
    public static final int IMPLIES 46
    public static final int IMPORT 25
    public static final int INIT 14
    public static final int INT 8
    public static final int IS 50
    public static final int ISNOT 49
    public static final int LEQ 29
    public static final int LESS 28
    public static final int LOCAL 6
    public static final int MINUS 45
    public static final int MLCOMMENT 3
    public static final int NAT 54
    public static final int OPBR 41
    public static final int OPBRACE 36
    public static final int OPEN 30
    public static final int PLUS 43
    public static final int PROBABILITY 23
    public static final int PROCESS 5
    public static final int QM 32
    public static final int SELECT 19
    public static final int SEMICOLON 35
    public static final int SLASH 38
    public static final int SLCOMMENT 2
    public static final int STATE 15
    public static final int SYNC 21
    public static final int SYSTEM 24
    public static final int TIMES 44
    public static final int TRANS 17
    public static final int UNCONTROLLABLETRANS 47
    public static final int URGENT 13
    public static final int WS 1