Class TokenMgrError

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public class TokenMgrError
extends Error
Token Manager Error.
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  • Constructor Details

    • TokenMgrError

      public TokenMgrError()
      No arg constructor.
    • TokenMgrError

      public TokenMgrError​(String message, int reason)
      Constructor with message and reason.
    • TokenMgrError

      public TokenMgrError​(boolean EOFSeen, int lexState, int errorLine, int errorColumn, String errorAfter, char curChar, int reason)
      Full Constructor.
  • Method Details

    • addEscapes

      protected static final String addEscapes​(String str)
      Replaces unprintable characters by their escaped (or unicode escaped) equivalents in the given string
    • LexicalError

      protected static String LexicalError​(boolean EOFSeen, int lexState, int errorLine, int errorColumn, String errorAfter, char curChar)
      Returns a detailed message for the Error when it is thrown by the token manager to indicate a lexical error. Parameters : EOFSeen : indicates if EOF caused the lexical error curLexState : lexical state in which this error occurred errorLine : line number when the error occurred errorColumn : column number when the error occurred errorAfter : prefix that was seen before this error occurred curchar : the offending character Note: You can customize the lexical error message by modifying this method.
    • getMessage

      public String getMessage()
      You can also modify the body of this method to customize your error messages. For example, cases like LOOP_DETECTED and INVALID_LEXICAL_STATE are not of end-users concern, so you can return something like : "Internal Error : Please file a bug report .... " from this method for such cases in the release version of your parser.
      getMessage in class Throwable