Class TranslationCommand

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Direct Known Subclasses:
TranslationMessageLabelCommand, TranslationXCommand, TranslationYCommand

public class TranslationCommand
extends AbstractTransaction
Translates (in the geometrical meaning) a set of elements.
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    • moveElements

      protected void moveElements​(int x, int y)
      Move elements by (x, y)
      x - - The x value of the property name 'x'
      y - - The y value of the property name 'y'
    • move

      public void move​(int x, int y)
      Move elements by (x, y). This method can be called repeatedly as long as the translation has not been committed. The elements are actually moved, so change events are propagated.
      move in class AbstractTransaction
      x - - The x value
      y - - The y value
    • doCancel

      protected void doCancel()
      Undo the translation. All elements are moved back to their original position. The translation can only be cancelled as long as it has not been committed.
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      doCancel in class AbstractTransaction
    • doExecute

      protected void doExecute()
      Specified by:
      doExecute in class AbstractTransaction
    • doUndo

      protected void doUndo()
      Specified by:
      doUndo in class AbstractTransaction
    • getModifiedElement

      public Element getModifiedElement()
      the modified element or its closest relative (sibling or parent) if the element is not displayed.