Lecture 2: Exercises 

1. Create new project

Open eclipse and choose "File->New->Project...". You could appropriately call the project "lecture2".
Create a new class called "TextIO". Delete the auto generated lines.
Open TextIO.java and copy all the content into the newly created class.
You might need to set "JDK Complience" in "Window->Preferences->Java->Compiler" to "6.0" (If it for some reason is set to "1.4") in order to avoid errors in TextIO.java. For each of the execises below you need to crete a new class with a main method.Create a new class by clicking the "c+" icon.

2. Programming exercises

Exercise 2.1 to 2.6
You may choose to solve exercise 2.4 using danish coins.

3. Quiz

Answer point 1 through 12 of the Quiz for Chapter 2 on page 60.

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