A Benchmark for Moving Object Applications

An emerging application area is the tracking of moving objects for example the cars that drive on a road network. Some (or all) of the data from these moving objects are stored in databases and continuously queried. Two examples of such queries are which cars are currently driving on Budumvej? and how many cars are have been driving in Aalborg Kommune for the last 24 hours?

As the use of such applications are becoming more wide spread it is important to be able to evaluate the performance and scalability of these applications. To do this a database benchmark is used. A benchmark consists of two main components (1) a set of data, in the tracking of cars this would be a description of the roads and the cars driving on these roads, and (2) a set of queries that extracts information, in our example this could be (a) What are the closest police car that can respond to the reported robbery at the bakery in Gug? and (b) How many cars have been driving on Budumvej for the last 24 hours?

Currently no general benchmark exists for testing the performance of such applications. It is the purpose of the project to design and build such a benchmark.

Advisor: Kristian Torp