Database Systems Course, 8th Seminar

Dat4/F8D Spring 2000

Location:  A1-108
Time:        February 29, 14.30-16.15
Subject:    Storage structures, indexes, and hashing
Readings: "Database System Concepts" Chapter 10 (skip Sections 10.3 and 10.8) and Chapter 11 (skip Section 11.9)
Exercise:  Exercise 8
Slides:      [handouts 3 per side] [handouts 6 per side]

There is quite a lot of material to read. However, it is fairly easy to read.

The following is for your information.
  • Harddiskens historie Anders Høeg Nissen fra Danmarks Radion har snakket med Thomas Gemal fra Quantum Corporation, et af de 5-6 firmaer, der for alvor langer harddiske over skranken til de hungrende forbrugere.
  • There is a very good introduction and demonstration of various multi-dimensional index structures (quad-trees and R-trees) at the following link The applets may take a while to load.
  • You can find a more formal description of multi-dimensional index structures at the following URL It is in German. Still if your German is not too good the figures are very informative.
  • Database Structures (local access only) in Oracle8 From Oracle's Concept Manual. A descrition of Oracle internals how tuples are mapped to blocks, blocks to files, etc.

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