Database Systems Course: Exam 2000

The exam is internal, oral, and is held in Danish. The exam is individual and lasts approximately 20 minutes.

Dato for eksamen: Fredag 2. juni

Spørgetime: Onsdag den 31. maj kl. 14.00 til 15.00 i E3-209

Exam Requirements (Pensum)

Exam Questions

You draw one of the following questions, that sketches the topic and material you have to cover. The question must be answered within approximately 17 minutes. Note that there is not preparation after you have drawn a question, you have to start answer it immediately (standard AAU Computer Science exam form).
  1. ER-modeling (e.g., keys, cardinalities, ER-diagram to tables)
  2. Relational Algebra and Relational Calculus (e.g., the data model, operators, views)
  3. SQL (e.g., data model, operators, NULL values)
  4. Integrity Constraints (e.g., functional dependencies, keys, referential integrity, triggers, assertions)
  5. Normalization (e.g., BCNF, 3NF, 4NF)
  6. Query Processing and Optimization (e.g., measure of cost, selection, join, sorting)
  7. The Transaction Concept (e.g., ACID properties, seriailzability)
  8. Concurrency Control (e.g., protocols, cascading rollbacks, deadlocks, phantom insertions)
  9. Recovery (e.g., atomicity, durability, logging, buffer management)
  10. Physical database design (e.g., records, blocks, files, access structures, cost computation)

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Kristian Torp,