Database Systems Course, Spring 2000

Through this web page you can access slides, handouts, assignments, and exam questions for the Database Systems course on Dat4. The latest changes to these pages can be found here.

Course Overview

Course No. Date Topic
3.2 Introduction to Database Systems 
8.2 The ER Model
10.2 Relational Algebra, Relational Calculus, and Domain Calculus
15.2 Relational Algebra and SQL
17.2 Advanced SQL
22.2 Integrity Constraints
24.2 Relational Database Design 
29.2 Storage, Indexing, and Hashing
7.3 Query Processing
10  21.3 Transactions 
11  23.3 Concurrency Control
12  28.3 Recovery
13  30.3 Database Access Middleware
14  4.4 Temporal Databases
15  11.4 Guest lecture: Oracle Danmark

The schedule is subject to minor changes. In particular, I am hoping we can schedule a guest lecture. This lecture is currently scheduled for the 6th of April..

Teaching Material

In the course we use the book by Silberschatz, Korth, and Sudarshan called "Database System Concepts", McGraw-Hill 3rd ed., ISBN 0-07-114810-8, 1997. It is available from the Centerboghandel. The book's  "Database System Concepts" home page (including Errata).

Additional material may be provided for the advanced topics.


Examination Requirements and Questions.


Kristian Torp,
Heidi Gregersen,