Object-Oriented Programming: Software Test

Location NOVI
Time October 31, 10-15 - 12.00
Subject This seminar covers test in general and tests of Java programs in particular. For the latter the JUnit regression test utility will be covered. JUnit is a small de-factor utility for writing unit tests in Java. The utility has had a great impact on testing, and it has been copied/ported to support many other programming languages such as C++, C#, and PL/SQL. JUnit is integrated into both the BlueJ and Eclipse development environments.

JUnit Test Infected: Programmers Love Writing Tests, paper by Kent Beck and Erich Gamma

The authors Kent Beck and Erich Gamma wrote the first version of the JUnit utility. They are both die-hard programmers with a record of building very high-quality software. Kent Beck is also one of the leading figures within the extreme programming domain. Erich Gamma is one of the authors of the seminal book "Design Patterns", naturally on software design patterns.

Exercises Exercise
Examples The examples from the lecture, both documentation and source files
Slides PDF

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