Object-Oriented Programming: Input/Output

Location B3-104
Time October 5, 10.15 - 12.00
Subject In this seminar we look at input and output from Java programs. This is covered by what is collectively called the Java I/O System. This system provide an abstraction on all aspects of I/O, e.g., memory, files, directories, network. The Java I/O System is rather complicated because it needs to take a lot of possible configurations into consideration, e.g., character, binary, buffered, unbuffered, line-oriented, etc.
Reading "Absolute Java" Chapter 10 pages 574-625. Low priority is given to pages 597-604.
Exercises Exercise
Solutions Solutions for the exercises both documentation and source files
Examples The examples from the lecture, both documentation and source files
Slides PDF

Here links that are useful for the seminar are listed: