Object-Oriented Programming: Basic Java

Location NOVI
Time September 12, 10.15-12.00
Subject This seminar covers primitive data types, commands, control structures, expressions, and operators in Java. These parts are found in most programming languages and are not particular connected to the object-oriented programming paradigm or the Java programming language.

There is quite a lot of material to read for this seminar, however, it is both fairly concrete and straight forward, when you have a C background (as you have from the basic-education).

"Absolute Java" Chapter 3. You may skip the section "Precedens and Associativity Rules" pages 122-129, "Tracing Variables" pp 149-150, and "Assetion Checks" pp. 150-152.

Exercises Exercise
Solutions Solutions for the exercises both documentation and source files
Examples The examples from the lecture, both documentation and source files
Slides PDF

Here links that are useful for the seminar are listed: