Introduction to Persistent Data: Fundamentals of the SQL SELECT Statement

Location A4-106
Time November 2, 14.30-16.15
Subject In the last lecture we look at how to create tables and insert, update, or delete information stored in these tables. In this lecture we will look at how to query (read from) the database. There is basically only one SQL statement for reading data, which is the SELECT statement, however, it is very powerful. This time we will look at the fundamentals of using the SELECT. In the next lecture, we will go into further details.
Reading "Database System Concepts" Chapter 4.1 to Chapter 4.6. Here the SELECT statement is introduced. "JDBC and Java" pages 46-56. Here JDBC ResultSets are introduced. There is approximately a one-to-one correspondence between an SQL SELECT statements and a single Java object of the ResultSet type.
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