Introduction to Persistent Data: Advanced SELECT Statements and Object-Relational Mapping

Location A4-106
Time November 9, 14.30-16.15
Subject In the last lecture we look at how to combine information stored in two or more tables using the SELECT's various options for joining tables. In addition, we will design a simple and general Java class that can be used to both query and modify an underlying database table. Such mapping from Java to SQL is normally done by a tool. We will look at what it is the tools actually do. To make a tool it is handy to be able to look at the metadata for both a table and a ResultSet.
Reading "Database System Concepts" Chapter 4.7 and Chapter 4.10. Here views and joins are introduced. "JDBC and Java" pages 57-91 (you may skip the section "Stored Procedures" pages 60-62. Here JDBC ResultSets are introduced. Here the advanced parts of the ResultSet class is introduced and later on the metadata capabilities.
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